reason to ride / ́rēzən/to ̄o/rīd/ 1. the higher motive, goal or purpose for riding one’s bicycle.
From the most seasoned pro racer to a child riding for the first time on training wheels, everyone has one. A reason to ride. And whether it’s about improved fitness, better health or just pure enjoyment, the reason is usually as simple as it is beautiful.
We’re not just riding to race.
We’re racing to inspire the world to ride.
A pure love of the sport. And the chance to ride her superpower all the way to the Olympics.
The feeling of freedom. The thrill of going up against his most formidable adversary of all: himself.
Reasons to ride
from our athletes and fans
  • I started riding 5 miles a week to lose some weight and get healthy. Now I’m riding close to 100 miles a week on my new road bike and loving it. If I keep going, I believe I can reverse my diabetes and high cholesterol.

    Steven H Bowers
    Team Supporter
  • I'm a disabled Marine veteran and I cycle for therapy. Every time I get on my bike, I escape to another world. My stress and all the things that cloud my mind disappear. 5 miles, 10 miles or 100 miles, it doesn't matter. I feel transformed.

    Daryl Prudo
    Team Supporter
  • Because when the wind is hitting my face the world's problems fall away and it's just me, my bike, and endless possibilities.
    Abby Mickey
  • My reason to ride is to compete against myself and see where I can improve each day. My wife and I met on the bike seven years ago and now our five-year-old son rides and loves to race. Riding is our way to stay healthy and see the world.

    Steve Ehasz
    Team Supporter
  • My reasons to ride: to push my body daily, to teach youth discipline/enjoyment of racing/healthy lifestyle, and to meditate on the beauty around me in the Yukon.

    Trena Irving
    Team Supporter
  • I'm driven by the desire to push my physical, mental and emotional boundaries in search of the best version of myself.
    Krista Doebel-Hickok
    Team Athlete
  • It’s hard to believe I just completed my fifth UHCCF MN Century Ride. I was incredibly nervous during my first attempt and wasn't sure I could finish but with some help, I completed my first century! Fast forward to 2019 and I got to help other century riders complete their first-century! Why do I share all of this? Everyone needs a little help from time to time and that is my reason to ride - community. It's a community of concerned citizens that work together to support children & families in need. It's a community that inspires me daily to be the best me.

    Jarett Jedlicka
    Team Supporter
  • Riding has been my ticket to seeing the world, meeting awesome people and getting to push myself to the absolute limit. That’s what it's all about for me.
    John Murphy
  • I love getting out to the country, seeing new places and spending time alone with my thoughts.

    John Maguire
    Team Supporter
  • It is my favorite way to chew through a problem. If you have got something going on in your life, a few hours of solitude or with a friend on the saddle is a great way to get a handle on it.
    Kyle Murphy
  • Is there anything better than riding, suffering, and laughing with a bunch of friends on bikes?

    Dann Ball
    Team Supporter
  • Reason to ride = I love the adventure. Reason to race = I love the chaos and going really fast is way too much fun.
    Sara Bergen
  • To have an escape. There’s something beautiful about riding when you’re settled into a rhythm and in the moment, flowing in and out of conscious thought.
    Allison Beveridge
  • Riding gives me time to think, burn off anxiety, and recharge. I also ride to burn calories so I can eat more without gaining weight. I sometimes say I ride for chocolate. No joke.

    Karen Bebchuk
    Team Supporter
  • I bike 4 chai!

    Dovd Weiss
    Team Supporter
  • Being able to outperform myself and test my limits every day while also being able to go on easy rides, enjoying the places I travel to and the calm nature of a non-busy road on a bicycle.
    Pier-Andre Cote
  • To find my peace.

    Matt von Asten
    Team Supporter
  • I love the feeling of freedom a bicycle gives you. You can go pretty much anywhere on two wheels and you aren't dependent on anyone but yourself to get you there.
    Gillian Ellsay
  • I love knowing exactly how to get around my city and where to go to have a bit of peace and meditation that comes while producing the endorphins we all love so much.
    Robin Carpenter
  • It can be a solo escape, or an opportunity to connect with others. It can be a way to decompress or to test your physical and mental limits. I love the opportunity for adventure that biking brings.
    Sara Poidevin
  • Riding bikes, in general, is my passion. Solo training rides, group rides with beers after, mountain bike, building mountain bike jumps. My whole family rides, we all started around the same time and it's now a huge part of our life.
    Ty Magner
  • I love riding my bike to go fast, see the world, be active, and to try and be better than I was the day, week, or year before.
    Colin Joyce
  • It’s my escape from school and other stresses of my life. It takes me to places in the world I would never go otherwise. I’ve met my very best friends riding bikes. I love the freedom!
    Emma White
  • While riding my bike, I can choose anywhere I want to explore, any road I want to travel, and any view I want to enjoy.
    Megan Jastrab
  • To see and experience the world through an enjoyable and renewable mode of transport.
    Nigel Ellsay
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